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We have grown to become Europe’s market leader in sports field marking. Our list of customers has been growing steadily, as has the size of our expert team of employees.

Sport-lines is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of devices and related products serving the purpose of applying field markings, to soccer fields in particular. With our “Direct Colour”, we have created a product that outmatches any of the common marking paints & colours previously in use.

All of our products are subject to continuous quality control by independent laboratories. As a result, we can guarantee that our products are both eco-friendly and deliver consistently high performance.

About Sport-lines

Our products

We have a wide range of products available

Line Marking Equipment

Sport-lines Equipment

Line marking of sports fields is a weekly concern. We provide efficient and sustainable systems to simplify the labor with the most sustainable and ideal result. Our assortment ranges from simple mechanical systems to very high technological lasers and GPS-controlled equipment. As a result, we can offer each client the right product.

Line Marking Paint

Sport-lines Marking Paint

With our line marking paint, a complete marking of a pitch only takes around 20 minutes with fast drying paint that creates radiant white lines in all weather conditions. Additionally, the paint is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Since there is no waste of product, from an economical point of view, it is the best option.

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For more information about  our products – from line marking paint to line marking equipment – download our brochure. Contact us for even more product details.

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Thanks to many years of professional experience in close cooperation with our customers, we can quickly and effectively respond to new demands and other changes in the industry.

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Contact for dealership throughout Europe:
Ronny Maex
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Contact for dealership throughout Germany:
Marco Hahn
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Ronny Maex
+32 475 858 261

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Sport-lines aims to be the market leader in the line marking industry. With our paint and equipment, work is done as efficient and sustainable as possible.

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